Back in March of last year BBC announced their plans to make BBC Three an online only channel.

The plan was designed in order to cut some costs at the broadcaster after some recent reports, but the BBC did need approval from the BBC Trust before their plan could go ahead.

The BBC has now got this approval to stop broadcasting BBC Three and turn it into an online only channel.

This is set to kick off next year, and is set to save the BBC a total of £30 million.

We welcome the Trust’s provisional conclusion, which is the next step in delivering our vision for a new BBC Three. With a frozen licence fee and the BBC’s income cut by 26% we have had to make some very difficult choices, however our plans will allow us to innovate with new ideas and new forms of content for younger audiences. We’ll now consider the areas the Trust have asked us to address and respond in due course.

That £30 million budget has already been spent however, with plans to use the full saving on developing BBC 1.

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