The BBC’s mobile streaming application named, iPlayer is certainly one of the best in the App Store, and it’s only going to get better with the ability to download TV shows to your smartphone, much like what you can currently do on your desktop.

The Guardian was the first to report the news, stating that from Tuesday, licence-fee payers will be able to use the new feature to download any BBC programme from the already available iPlayer app on the iPhone and iPad at no extra cost even when abroad.

And in case you were wondering the download function will also be coming in “near future,” as states by the BBC themselves.

As you may already know, currently you can only stream content to your mobile phone from the app, but this can become expensive over a 3G connection, an only allows for users within the UK, but the new feature will allow users to download the app before they go on their travels cutting down on the costs.

Currently the new feature is not available on the application, but will be available within the current downloadable app very soon, allowing users to view downloaded content, available for 30 days, or within seven days of being watched, users will however need a Wi-Fi connection to download the content.

[Update] The download feature is now available on the app, if you already have it download the new app from your downloads, if you don’t simply download the app from the app store.

Source: The Guardian

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