Earlier today RIM unveiled some of its latest BlackBerry OS 7 handsets, the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and the Curve 9380, alongside which they also announced their brand new BBM Music service which will be available for everyone in the UK to download from today.

BBM Music was first revealed back in August, and can be used by any BlackBerry Messenger user to share their music playlists of up to 50 songs, amongst their friends on BBM, alongside which you can also listen to any songs within that playlist.

Earlier this month the service had already been released to all of the BlackBerry Messenger users in the US and Canada, now only two weeks later, RIM has brought it all the way across the pond the here in the UK. RIM;s President and co-CEO, Mike Lazirdis, said this about the new BBM Music service:

“More than 45 million customers already love the social communication benefits delivered through BBM and we are thrilled to be extending the experience into a uniquely social and interactive music service.

“We have partnered with leading music companies to provide a ‘full track’ music sharing and discovery experience that will provide users with quality music on demand and allow them to connect with friends on a whole new level.”

But it’s not all good news for your wallets I’m afraid as to use the service you will have to pay a fee, which comes at $4.99 a month, which isn’t that bad for a music streaming service, but in order to listen to more the 50 tracks you will need at least 1  friend, but more friends on BBM equals more music to listen too.

What do you think about BBM Music? Have you used it yet? Is it any good?

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