Indie games are always interesting to play, not bound by the usual game ideas or techniques, you tend to find some real hidden gems when you play these kind of titles, and Beatbuddy: Tales of the Guardians is defiantly one of these hidden gems.

Developed by a few guys from a small German developer called Threaks, the game blends action-adventure gameplay, with rhythms, balancing this as your character makes his way through a set of underwater caverns.

After over four years of development, you can definitely see how much work Threaks have put into this title, with exceptional graphics, a great story and  music that has been created by some of the biggest games in the industry.

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Set in an underwater world that has found itself under attack, you control a small character called the Beatbuddy, who must make his way through caverns to save his homeland, you must control the creature to make sure he walks this path in safety, removing any obstacles and making sure creatures don’t get in the way.

As you make your way through the levels within this game, you start to notice just how well presented it is, with hand painted art, the game is great to look at and provides a better sense of your surrounding, with a watercolour painting feel.

Primarily an action-adventure, Beatbuddy is filled with sets of puzzles and unfriendly creatures for Beatbuddy to work through, however stating these as puzzles may be the wrong way to put it, as there not exactly difficult, well the majority anyway, you will find some to be a little tricky, but most can be completed easily.

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The biggest factor of this game is definitely the music featured within it, with each movement and interaction adding a new layer to the soundtrack playing, you soon find yourself moving to the beat of the music, wanting to play on longer just to see how the game’s soundtrack will play out as you get further through the game.

This becomes increasingly important when you hop into the Bubbly Buggy, a vehicle which Beatbuddy will jump into at certain sections in the game, moving to the beat of the music, you must move your way through new sections of caverns, making sure not to make any missteps and clear out any obstacles in your path.

Created by some of the most recognisable names in the industry, including the Grammy nominee, Austin Wintory who worked on Journey for the PS3, and the writer for Tomb Raider, and contributor to BioShock Infinite, Rhianna Pratchet.

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In total the game has about six separate levels for your Beatbuddy to make his way through, each lasting between 40 and 60 minutes each, you find yourself clocking in around 5 and a half hours in total completing the game, which is good, but since there’s no multiplayer or separate levels for you to complete, it may be hard to play after you have completed it, however as it is such an interesting title, I wouldn’t say it would be enjoyable for anyone to do so.

Overall, Beatbuddy is a great game and as I said in our preview of the game, it’s definitely something you should pick up, if not for the 6 hours of enjoyable gameplay, the soundtrack.

Disclosure: Threaks sent us the code for this review.

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