Controlling any of your devices whilst wearing gloves is somewhat tricky, sure there are a number of gloves that allow you to use touchscreens, but there is nothing that allows you to control your devices without having to get them out of your pocket.

Well until now, called the BearTek Gen II, this new pair of gloves has been designed to allow you to control the functionality of a device like your smartphone by simply tapping your fingers together.

This can be extremely useful for anyone that needs to wear gloves throughout activities, but still control their device whilst in that activity, allowing you to do anything from switching the music playing to answering a phone call right from your fingertips.

The next evolution in the remote control smart glove revolution is here! Our raving fans told us what they wanted over the last few years and we believe we are delivering well beyond that.BearTek was already the ultimate control device for people that wear gloves, now BearTek Gen II will add the flexibility you have desired…. and that BearTek App is just ridiculous! Now that’s a SMART glove that gives you unlimited control of your world!!

To find out more and back the project hit up the source link below.

Source: Indiegogo


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