So far Beats is only known for its amazing quality headphones and partnered phones/ speakers and computers but now after the purchase of MOG; Music for around £8.9 million the company looks to bringing its knowledge to the music streaming world.

Although the service is only currently available in the US it is still a pretty huge company, allowing users to stream and safe music to their devices for a monthly subscription of $9.99.

And with the Beats buyout it could mean that the simple music streaming service is about to get bigger with a wide range of possibilities to be brought to the service. MOG’s CEO, David Hyman said this about the buyout to USA Today:

“The addition of MOG’s music service to the Beats portfolio will provide a truly end-to-end music experience.”

What that means we don’t know just yet, but you could probably imagine some of the most likely options, one of which could have something to do with their partnerships with HP and HTC.

It could even we could see a set of Beats headphones with WiFi enabled headphones coming soon. But as always these are just thoughts and we will have to wait and see what might come from this.

Via [USA Today]

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