Just to broaden your choices for a music streaming service, Beats Music has just announced their plans to launch their own streaming service to compete against the likes of Spotify, Apple’s iRadio service and Pandora. Revealed to The Next Web, the president and COO of Beats, Luke Wood announced that the service will be launched “within the next few months” in the US.

Something that doesn’t come as a surprise after the company acquired MOG in July 2012 for $14 million, which you can probably presume to be rolled into the Beats Music service.

Wood then went on to say that “We’re going to focus really heavily on playlists, because that’s how we consume music and that’s how most people consume music.”

Reports also claim that musicians and song writers will be able to compile their own playlists based on their own favourite music, allowing users to see what their favourite artists are listening to, playlists are also said to be based on specific artists, genres, time of year and activities/ moods.

Pricing and an exact release date is yet to be revealed.

Source: The Next Web

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