Back in 2012 Beats Electronics acquired the MOG streaming service for $12 million, a service which was once a huge competitor in the music streaming service, even close to the same success as services like Spotify and Rdio.

That reign is now over, and Beats has today announced that they will be shutting down the MOG streaming service for good, an announcement that the company made after it originally stated that the service would shut down on April 15th, this was of course pushed back to May 31st, and comes after the successful completion and introduction of the Beats Music service, which was built with MOG as its background technology.

This mixed with the recent acquisition of Beats by Apple for $3 billion last week.

MOG previously became successful by offering its service on a range of platforms, with better higher-quality streaming capabilities, and a set of unique features that allowed its users to listen to radio stations based on their favourite artists.

Features which granted it the attention of 500,000 total active users (as announced by executives in February 2012).

Now that the service has been shut down, the MOG website will simply show a message for visitors to sign up for Beats Music instead, granting current subscribers 60 days of the service for free, with year-long subscriptions being refunded on a prorated basis.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: MOG

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