The recently acquired headphone company Beats has this week launched their latest set of headphones, dubbed the Beats Solo 2, the new headphones are pretty much the same as the Solo 2 that was announced earlier this year, but with wireless connectivity.

On release date the Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones will retail in the US for $299.95, however if that’s a little too expensive for you then you could also pick up the normal set of Beats Solo headphones for $199 in the US or around £99 in the UK.

Just like the wired version of the headphones the Beats Solo 2 Wireless will be available in black, red, white, green, blue and more.

And on top of that they will also be launching a special version of the wired Solo 2 headphones called the “Royal Edition”, this version will come with a number of other colours with a satin finish.

That version will set you back around $199.

All versions will come with the RemoteTalk cable that allows users to take and receive calls from the headphones, and control music playback.

At the moment it doesn’t look as though the new Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are available anywhere other than the US, however we will let you know if they hit anywhere else.

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