You may have seen the 10,000 watt iNuke Boom dock, which is the world’s largest an loudest dock ever, however the iNuke Boom Junior is as you can tell a lot smaller and quieter than it’s larger and louder brother.

The Junior is in fact a 1:23 scale model of its predecessor with a 3-way active speaker design, you still get concert quality sound with “ thumping lows, sizzling highs and crystal-clear sound at any level”.

Within the iNuke Boom Junior is 2 1 inch tweets, 2 3 inch midrange speakers and a 5.25 inch woofer, which gives out a max of 50 watts of audio power, there’s also an iPhone, iPod and iPad dock which is compatible with the iPhone 4 / 4S / 3GS / 3G, iPod Touch / Nano / Classic (5th Generation), iPad 1 / 2* / The New iPad.

Alongside it there’s also a line in, aux in and video out cable, as well as a standby LED indicator, Line-In indicator, Aux-In indicator and an iPod LED indicator, and all of it can be controlled with a the included remote control.

The Behringer iNuke Boom Junior is available today for $179.99 USD from Costco.

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