Belkin has announced a new range of home automation plugs to hit the UK in the coming months and allow you to control any and all of your home electronics via your iPhone, iPad or iPod, allowing you to turn them on or off, trigger with motion or put them on a schedule, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Within the new WeMo range there are three different plugs available, the first is the WeMo switch which will plug into any electronic socket and connect any device plugged into it to your home Wi-Fi network, which you can then add to the WeMo app.

Next up is the WeMo Switch + Motion which is the same principle as the normal switch, but as you can guess adds a motion sensor that can detect motion within 3 metres, turning on or off anything that is plugged into the switch upon detection.

And finally the last plug is the WeMo Baby, which does something a little different from the others, allowing users to listen to the surrounding environment from their device, which as you guess is aimed to be used as a baby monitor, but could be used for any number of other activities such as spying on your wifes conversations etc.

In order to schedule tasks for the WeMo system, Belkin have added IFTTT (if this than that), that allows users to create task through their internet browser, which can be used to trigger a variety of services such as email, weather, phone calls, or even Twitter and Facebook, which for example would allow you to trigger a check on Facebook as you walk through the motion sensor by a door.

Or it could even be used to send a text if someone triggers the motion sensor, allowing you to keep track of your home whilst away.

The WeMo Switch will be available for £39.99 and the Switch +Motion plug will be £79.99, both of which will hit stores from mid-September, the WeMo baby however will be £79.99 and launch from November.

Check out the video below for more information.


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