One of the biggest announcements to come from CES 2014 was the announcement of the NVIDIA Tegra K1, a new mobile processor which will launch in both a dual-core 64-bit version and a quad-core 32-bit version, and is said to be quicker than almost any chip currently out on the market.

And if recent benchmark leaks are to be believed, that last statement is most certainly true, after the processor was spotted on AnTuTu Benchmarking application earlier today, it can certainly be said that it’s at the top of its game, achieving a score of over 43,000 for both version, it has a score that’s over 10,000 above that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.

The benchmarks also revealed that the Tegra K1 ill feature a 3GHz maximum clock speed.

tegra k1 benchmarks

As of yet we don’t know how this power will transfer when it is put in a smartphone, or how well applications will perform as a of cause of it, mainly due to the fact that no phone has been announced that runs it yet, however as soon as one is, you know we will have the information on it.

Source Gforgames

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