If you are looking to secure your business or personal belongings when you are away from them then you are going to need to think about picking up a CCTV camera to keep a look at those.

There are a range of options to choose from with a range of different features, price tags, designs, and much more.

To help you sift through those options we have lined up what we consider to be the best business and personal CCTV cameras of 2017.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is a fantastic little camera from the guys at Nest and Google and so it has all of the great features that you would expect from those two companies, bringing home and business security to your smartphone via a companion application, just download it and follow the instructions and you are ready to detect motion on the go and view 1080p HD live video even in the dark.

Nest Cam Outdoor

If you want to bring those features outdoors then there’s also an option for that, featuring 24/7 live video, with a 130-degree wide=angle view, 1080p HD recording, day and night and a weatherproof body, cable, and adaptor.

Netatmo Presence

The Netatmo Presence has a sleek aluminium black design that also comes with all of those smart features that you would expect, with the ability to detect and report pressence in real-time, along with an integrated smart floodlight that comes combined with Netatmo’s alert-zones feature to allow you to select specific areas from which you want to recieve alerts from, and it can even store video on a microSD, Dropbox account, or on an FTP server for free.

Logi Circle

The Logi Circle is a simple yet great-looking security camera that allows you to view 24/7 live video with motion detection alerts, free cloud recording and storage for a total of 24 hours, as well as a time-lapse day brief feature that shows a 30-second time-lapse from a specific day and time-schedule that you have set. It also states a 60-second setup time.

Panasonic KX-HN6002EW

With Panasonic’s Smart Home System you can create more than just a single camera setup but a whole-home camera setup that not only provides with the ability to set up a smart security camera, but other smart tech like motion sensors or door alarms. The Panasonic KX-HN6002EW starts you off with two 1080p outdoor cameras and a hub.

Samsung SmartCam

If you prefer you could also do similar with Samsung’s SmartThings collection, which includes the ability to set-up similar smart home equipment and can be connected to a fantastic indoor camera called the Samsung SmartCam, which works both by itself and with the SmartThings system for 1080p live-vodeo security on the go.

Netgear Arlo Q

The Arlo Q is Netgear’s 1080p indoor home security camera that features night vision, smart motion and sound alerts, a built in mic and speaker and free 7 day cloud recording.

Netgear Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro system slightly tops the Arlo Q with a 100% wire-free setup that needs no power cords or any other wires, providing a wireless business or personal security system that uses a weatherproof design that allows it to be used inside and out. It comes with 7 days of free cloud storage, 1080p recording, fast charging batteries, an in-built mic and speaker, and a pretty loud base station that can be set up to produce a 100db siren should a camera detect motion. You can get a kit with 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras and one of these base stations.

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