Apple only announced the iPhone X earlier this week, however, there are already a number of options out there that will work alongside this smartphone and some of these have already been revealed.

One of the biggest problems with this new iPhone X is that you are going to want to protect it.

It’s an expensive smartphone and because it features glass on both the front and the back of the smartphone, it’s likely that you might get a few knocks on it, despite Apple claiming that it is the toughest glass in a smartphone.

To protect this smartphone you are going to want to check out a cover or case for it and so we are going to round up what we consider to be the best of these so far.

Apple’s Silicone and Leather cases

Of course, to start off we are going to have to mention Apple’s own cases, of which they have two main options for both smartphones, a Silicone case and a Leather case.

Both of these are snap-on cases that protect both the front and the rear of the device and feature precise cutouts for all of the ports and features of the smartphones. They also come with nine colour options.

Pick one of them up from Apple for between £39 and £49

Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X Case 

The Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X case is a pretty great case for the iPhone X that has been built with an impaction shock barrier that has been designed to protect your new iPhone X from impacts, alongside scratches, chemicals, and more.

It also features a nice design and a grippy backing that makes it easier to hold your phone.


Speck Presidio Clear iPhone X Case Cover

The Presidio Clear from Speck is another great case cover option for the upcoming iPhone X.

As the name suggests, it features a clear design that shows off the hard work from the guys at Apple, instead of covering it up with something else. It also features an impaction shock barrier for impact protection and a scratch-resistant matte finish.


UAG’s iPhone X cases

Plyo Series case

The Plyo Series case from UAG has been designed to work with Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones.

It is pretty interesting because it features a translucent design that is different from many other see-through cases.

You can still look through it to see the design of your iPhone, but it also comes with Ice, Ash, and Crimson finishes that top that design off with some colour.


Monarch Series case

We also like the Monarch Series case from UAG. It has been designed for Apple’s new iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus and features a design that is pretty unique to UAG.

You may recognise it from UAG’s previous cases as it does feature a pretty similar armoured design that combines “premium materials and alloy metal hardware” for a premium and strong design.

It also features a soft impact-resistant core with a honeycomb traction grip and five-layer protection for better security.


Of course, that’s not all, you can view all of UAG’s iPhone X cases here.

As we hear more about cases and covers for the iPhone X we will be sure to update you.

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