Earlier this month, Samsung announced the latest edition of their Galaxy Note series called the Galaxy Note 8.

This device comes with a number of new features, the most notable of which is the new 6.3-inch display and the new and smarter S-Pen.

With this new device, there are going to be a number of new cases that fit this new design and screen size but instead of searching for them yourself, we are going to take you through what we consider to be the best cases for the Galaxy Note 8 that are available so far, check them out below.

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

The Samsung S-View Cover is a basic case but with a pretty cool feature.

It keeps your entire phone protected, including your screen, however, it does that with better accessibility via a flip design and a transparent cover at the top which allows you to see the time and incoming notifications at a glance.

Samsung LED Wallet Cover

In terms of design, the LED Wallet Cover is pretty similar to the S-View Cover in that it is a flip case and it features a display at the top, which shows the time and notifications.

However, it shows it with its own LED lights. It also features a pocket inside for storing cards.

Samsung Alcantara Cover

The Alcantara Cover is Samsung’s most-fashionable case, it doesn’t protect the front display, however, it does feature a lip along the front for drop protections and it covers both the back and sides, which are covered with a suede-like material called Alcantara.

Samsung Protective Cover

The Samsung Protective Cover is similar in design to the previous Samsung case, with a slimline design, however, it is also transparent, so if that’s your thing this might be a good option.

If you would prefer to look elsewhere for a transparent case because maybe you want something a little more than this case might be an option that you prefer.

It is designed by Supcase and is called the Unicorn Beetle Note 8 case, featuring a shock-absorbing TPU frame along with a clear polycarbonate back.


Speck Presido Grip

The Presido Grip from Speck is a case that we have seen for many devices over the last few years and the Galaxy Note 8 is no different, there is a version for that too.

It is a pretty rugged case that claims to be capable of surviving drops from a height of up to 10 feet and it features a “dynamic shock-absorbing material” for the lining, but probably the biggest feature of the case is that it features a raised bezel grip along the back to offer better protection from dropping.

Buy from Amazon, £19.95

We will update this list as more cases are released.

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