As with most years, this year’s CES has been an interesting one, we have seen a lot off tech, gadgets, and even gaming accessories that are set to become some of the best products of 2017 from slightly-scary baby monitors all the way up to a 3-screened laptop concept , but with all of this tech you may be wondering what was the best.

Well, that’s what this article is for, we are going to round up what we think are the best unveilings from the show.

Here they are:

Norton Core

The Norton Core from Symantec was the unveiling that we didn’t expect from this year’s CES, Symantec is known for their software so it is quite different to see them make the move to hardware, that said, they seem to have put all of their security into their latest device, the Norton Core, which is a router that has been designed to keep your IoT products and the rest of your home safe with antivirus tech at the network level.


Dell’s 8K monitor

We were particularly impressed by Dell’s 8K (7,680 x 4,320) monitor at CES, featuring more than 1 billion colours with 33.2M pixels of resolution, 100 percent Adobe RGB and an sRGB colour gamut, it is set to be one of the best 8KK monitors when the new HDMI spec is ready.


Razer’s Project Valerie

Although Razer’s Project Valerie is only a concept, it was deifnitely one of the best products of CES 2017. As the first laptop to feature 3 seperate screens, Project Valerie could be a laptop that will change how we think about laptops entirely, are they just for getting work done, or could they become fully-fledged gaming machines? Even competitors to the desktop gaming experience? THe outcome of Valerie will likely decide that.


LG Super UHD TVs with Nano Cell

We seen a range of new TVs at this year’s CES, but we still came up one some favourites, one of wqhich had to be LG’s new Super UHD TV range, which truly changes up the way that TVs work with the inclusion of Nano Cell technology, which is said to deliver more realistic and vibrant colours and much wider viewing angles.


Sony’s 4K OLED TV

We couldn’t talk about new TVs without mentioning Sony’s big step into the OLED market, to which they have brought forward 3 new screen sizes that take advantage of that fantastic OLED technology along with Dolby Vision for playing audio without the need for any built in speakers.


LG Signature OLED W TV

LG’s new Signature OLED W TV was probably the most interesting of the lot, using that same OLED technology as Sony’s, but with an ultra thin design that iss so slim that you have to wall hang it with magnets, it is truely a marval to loo at and we expect that it may feature on many people’s walls very soon.


Linksys WRT32X

At this year’s CES Linksys unveiled what they claim to be the truest gaming router unveiled, called the WRT32X, it follows on from previous WRT models but also builds upon them with up to 2.6Gbps of bandwidth, a 1.8GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of DDR3 RAM, it’s is most definitely the router of the future.


Beyerdynamic Xelento remote

Beyerdynamic’s new Xelento remote earphones are set to be one of the best options for the audiophiles out there, taking advantage of Beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology for higher precision, higher definition, and higher efficiency.


Mattel Alexa Home Assistant

At CES 2017 this week, Mattel unveiled their own home assistant that uses Alexa and other tech to bring the home assistant to familes with a design that allows it to be used by both children and parents alike.


Panasonic GH5 camera

Panasonic’s GH5 camera is an awesome looing camera that has been designed to create awesome looking 4K videos with HDR support and a 20 megapixel sensor.


Garmin fenix5 smartwatches

Garmin was one of the many manufacturers to unveil a new smartwatch this week, unveiling a total of 3 new smartwatches within their latest fenix5 line of smartwatches, which feature a rugged design and software that has been designed to work fantastically outdoors.


YubiKey USB-C Authenticator

YubiCo’s new USB-C version of the Yubikey authenticator is the last product on our best of CES 2017 and for good reason, we really liked the previous version of this authenticator because of its ease of use for securing your online life with just a stickk that plugs into a port on your laptop, the USB-C version is the same as this but for the latest laptops.


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