We are a little late this month but don’t think that we forgot! It’s time for our roundup of the best crowdfunding projects that were launched during July 2017.

And last month was just as exciting (if not more so) as all of the other months before it with a range of launches on both the Indiegogo and the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

We had everything from a customisable and slim barry case for the iPhone to a laptop sleeve / power bank combo to a new Bluetooth speaker to a connected monitor for your bee hive.

Check out all of the projects that we are named the best for July 2017 below.


The Terminator T-800 Alexa-powered speaker

We featured the Terminator T-800 as the featured image for this article and that was for good reason. In our original article, we wrote that it was the “the coolest Alexa speaker that we have ever seen” thanks to its bust of the world’s most loved android, The Terminator.

And it was designed by the awesome guys at AC Worldwide.

Currently, they are still looking to reach their goal of £135,000 with 25 days to go and £16,617, but you can still help them create one the greatest Alexa speakers of all time, if you love The Terminator, this is your thing.

Read more about the speaker here.


Sonnet is definitely one of the best Kicstarter projects that was launched on Kickstarter last month.

Sonnet is a device that aims to allow for that communication to happen freely, without anyone peering in that shouldn’t be, while providing you with a way to communicate should everything else not be available. Allowing you to send and receive messages, image, voice recordings, and GPS locations without the need of any kind of internet connection, cellular coverage or even satellite signal, allowing you to communicate with the knowledge that your data is safe and even in areas without a signal at all.

And they were successful too, raising $226,324 on Kickstarter.

Read more about Sonnet here.

Anchor cable

Anchor cable launched last month with the claim of being the last cable that you will ever need as well as being “world’s first stainless steel [and] magnetic cross device charging cable” on the market that means that it can work with any cable type.

And they are pretty successful too with well over their £10,000 goal and a total of £134,678 in funding on Kickstarter at the time of writing.

Read more about Anchor Cable here.


Buzzboz is a pretty awesome project that was launched in the middle of the month, it is a hardware and software app combination that allows you to make your bee hive smarter with the ability to precisely check up on your colony in real time.

With the device, you can monitor things like weather, security, temperature, audio, and more over a WiFi connection with your iOS or Android smartphone.

And they raised just over their $20,000 goal with $29,285 in funding at the time of writing.

Read more about it in our article here.

The Sequent smartwatch

Self-charging watches aren’t really new, however, a self-charging watch with smart features is new and happened with the launch of the Sequent smartwatch last month. In fact, it claims to be the “world’s first iOS and Android smartwatch that is equipped with this kinetic charging system”.

And they were also successful on Kickstarter with well over their original goal and CHF 744,086 in funding at the time of writing.

Read more about Sequent here.

The Mini-O Bluetooth Speaker

The Mini-O is a pretty awesome speaker that we caught wind of last month.

It looks pretty cool, it’s very small (only the size of a credit card) and it features True Wireless Studio technology inside for great sound on the go.

Sadly at the time of writing the campaign only reached $7,605 in funding and their goal was $50,000, however, there is still 7 days to go.

You can read more about the speaker here.



We don’t talk about wallets on TechNutty much, however, as soon as we heard about Volterman we had to add it to our crowd funding archives.

That’s because Volterman is no ordinary wallet, it’s a premium leather wallet that claims to be the “world’s most powerful smart wallet” with its 2,000 or 5,000 mAh power bank, a distance alarm, global GPS tracking, a worldwide WiFi Hotspot, and an anti-thief camera.

At the time of writing, Volterman has raised 1832% of the goal with a total of $824,414 in funding.

Read more about Volterman here.

POP case

POP case is an interesting iPhone case that claims to be the ultimate modular iPhone case with a slim design and great functionality that features a detachable battery and a range of colour options to boot.

They raised well over their goal on Indiegogo with 167% of funding and a total of $16,869 at the time of writing.

Check out our article here to read more about it.

LAER, the laptop sleeve and power bank combo

LAER is one of those devices that we haven’t seen before.

And for that reason, it is actually pretty interesting because it provides something that we don’t have just yet, it is a laptop sleeve and power bank combination that allows you to cover and charge your devices at the same time, all in one handy package.

At the time of writing, LAER has reached 198% of the funding that they wanted with a total of $59.433.

Read more about LAER here.

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