If you use a laptop as your daily driver then you probably use it on a desk a lot of the time, cutting off air circulation and providing an unadvantageous angle.

To get a more advantageous angle for laptop use on a desk then you are going to need a laptop stand.

To give you an idea of what laptop stand to pick up, we have rounded up what we think are the best laptop stands available in 2017.

Check out that list below.

Rain Design iLevel 2

Rain Design’s iLevel 2 features a unique patented design that allows you to adjust the height of the stand to provide the right versitility that you need for your particular desk, featuring a design to match the MacBook, but with support for all laptops.

Nextstand Portable Laptop Stand

The Nextstand laptop stand doesn’t feature a sleek aluminum design, however, it does feature an extremly portable design that folds flat, but fits any laptop with a chassis that’s less than 1.9cm thick.


Rain Design mStand

Rain Design’s mStand is a classic laptop stand that has been widely regarded by many. It features an elgant aluminum design that matches the MacBook (even Space Grey), works with pretty much any laptop, and is hefty enough that you can trust it.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

The AmazonBasics laptop stand is quite controversal due to it looking and working a lot like the mStand, with a similar all-metal design, cable organiser and forward tilt, however, it is very cheap.


Griffin Elevator

The Griffin Elevator is a minimalstic laptop stand that looks great, and works with a wide-range of laptops, however, it does not feature the same angled design as our other options. That said, if you prefer simplsicity, this might be a good option.

HAVIT HV-CH019 3 in 1 laptop stand

The HAVIT HV-CH019 3 in 1 laptop stand is a great and unique laptop stand that provides you with a stand for not only your laptop but also for your tablet and smartphone at the same time, and it folds flat for portability.

Twelve South BaseLift

The Twelve South BaseLift is a pretty sleek way of adding some hit to your laptop on the go, it has been designed for the MacBook with a design similar to that of the iPad cover from Apple, folding up into a wedge shape, however, it would porbably work just as well with any similarly sized 11″, 13″, or 15″ laptop.

Twelve South BookArc

If you don’t need to use your MacBook while it is in the stand then we would definitely recommend the Twelve South BookArc, which frees up a ton a desk space by holding your MacBook in a closed position.

Twelve South HiRise

The HiRise from Twelve South is a cool way of raising the higher of your MacBook or similarly sized laptop, allowing you to raise its height by up to 6-inches from a sleek and well-designed stand that is extremly unique.


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