2016 was a year of new tech, each of which come with their own batteries to charge. So we figured that with the recent holidays you might be looking to grab something to charge all of that gear on the go.

To do that you need a power bank, but with many bad options and many other good options out there, you might want to check the options before picking on up and that is exactly what this article is for.

Here are what we think are the best power banks of 2016:

Griffin Survivor 10,200mAh Power Bank

The Griffin Survivor is a power bank that follows the design filosify of the other Griffin products by the same name, featuring a rugged design that is IP-66 rated and has 2m drop protection. It has has a 10,200 mAh battery


Iceworks 5,000mAh dual in-built cable power bank

The Iceworks 5000 takes a different view of the power bank, instead of charging devices through a USB port, it comes with it’s own Lighting and microUSB cable in-built, meaning you can charge without remembering cables.


RavPower PowerStation Series 20100mAh Portable Power Outlet

RavPower’s PowerStation Series Portable Power Outlet is pretty different as the name suggests. Instead of powering USB devices, it features a three-pin UK plug that allows it to provide power to pretty much anything with a plug on the go, and with 20,100mAh of power, it should be pretty good for some time after charging.


CHJGD 10,000mAh Compact Power Bank

The next power bank is also an interesting power bank, not only because it claims to be the smallest power bank but also because it has 10,000mAh of power, with 2.1 A of output. There are also some cool designs available.


Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Power Bank

Anker also has a great 10,000mAh power, called the PowerCore, it features high-speed charging via Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology to deliver the fastest charging that is possible.


Anker PowerCore Mini 3,350mAh Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore Mini is more of a portable power bank, but it still features decent specs, with a 3,350mAh battery and Anker’s PowerIQ technology for faster charging over up to 1 amp.


Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh

If you need more power than what we have previously mentioned, then the Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh battery might be a better option for you, it has Quick Charge 3.0 support and enough power to chagre smartphones up to seven times.


Aukey 20,000mAh Power Pack

Aukey also has a 20,000mAh power pack, this one features 2 inputs that can be used at the same time and can provide a combined 3.4A output.


Aukey 30,000mAh Power Pack

Do you still need more power? Then you want to pick up the which features a massive 30,000mAh battery, with two inputs for charging the power bank, and two outputs for charging your devices, one with QuickCharge 3.0 and another normal port. Both can provide a 2.4A output, with Aukey’s AiPower tech.


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