There’s a lot of smart home stuff around now, you can make pretty much everything in your home ‘smart’, however, one of the most popular gadgets is still one of the first smart home gadgets, the smart home thermostat.

These thermostats can be used to remotely and automatically control your home’s heating and so it is a pretty obvious solution for most people to gain control over their heating and keep their heating economically friendly.

To help you find the best smart thermostat for your home we are going to round up what we consider to be the best smart thermostats around the world.

Check them out below.

Netatmo has been in the weather business for some time now, they make a range of smart gadgets that allow you to monitor the outside environment around you and with their smart thermostat they are expanding that to your home.

It features remote heating control, with control capabilities for individual heating zones, a holiday mode, the ability to set up schedules, automatically adapt to weather conditions and work alongside both Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.

It is also compatible with a range of heating systems, boilers, heat pumps, and even underfloor heating alongside iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones.

Pick it up for £85 without installation

British Gas also got into the smart thermostat with the introduction of their Hive systems, within which they have the Hive Active Heating thermostat which features all of the same features as the other thermostats and a bit more.

It also features frost protection features, reminders that are based on geolocation, and it has been made by British Gas.

It works with most gas, LPG and electric heating systems alongside both iOS and Android smartphones.

Pick up Hive Active Heating for £179 without installation

Or for £249 with installation

Honeywell has a range of connected heating technology and one of the latest of those is the Honeywell Lyric T6/T6R smart thermostat, which does a lot of the rest but with a sleek black design and IFTTT compatibility on top of Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo.

It will also monitor your smartphone location to determine whether you are home or away and set your heating accordingly, both are also programmable with seven-day scheduling and compatible with iOS and Android.

Pick up the Honeywell T6 for £179

Or the Honeywell T6R for £199

Nest was one of the first smart thermostats around and the Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0 is the latest of those.

Nest was created by a couple of former Apple employees, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers with a vision of changing how we control our heating and they certainly did that, an interesting feature of the nest is that it can learn your routine and set your heating automatically as according to that.

It also uses smart functions to set the heating as according to if you are at home or as according to the temperature conditions in your home and outside of it. the 3.0 version of the Nest is compatible with most heating systems and works with both iOS and Android systems.

Pick one up from Amazon today for £199

V3 of the Tado Smart Thermostat is an interesting one that can be retrofitted to your current set-up to allow you to control your home’s heating.

It allows you to control individual heating zones, use geoocation and weather forecasting details to set heating in a manner that is more efficient and it is compatible with IFTTT, Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

According to Tado, it is compatible with 95 percent of heating systems including gas central heating and underfloor heating systems. It also works with both iOS and Android.

Pick up the Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3 for £199

You can also rent it from Tado


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