Vinyl records have been making their way back over the last few years, sure they are much larger than a CD and definitely a bit more awkward to use than a digital format, however, they have an unrivalled quality that provides an audio response, unlike any other format.

One of the biggest hurdles that people have to jump over in order to take advantage of that audio quality is the turntable.

It may seem quite confusing to choose the right one for you and as there are a number of options out there, shopping for the right one might take some time.

So we are going to round up what we consider to be the best turntables around, check them out below.

Although Sony’s PS-HX500 is quite a modern ones, it definitely works just as well and if not better than the turntables before it.

As you can see in the image above, the PS-HX500 features a sleek black finish design that makes it look extremely modern and not out of place with the other tech out there.

And it has a big surprise too.

This turntable can also record high-resolution audio from vinyl in a DSD or WAV format and then edited on a Mac or PC that allows you to digitise that quality.


The Crosley Cruiser II is an interesting turntable because it includes everything in one portable design.

There’s a spot for your vinyl record, an arm and a needle, and a pair of built-in speakers right inside of the briefcase-like design.

And if you prefer a bigger set of speakers, you can use the pair of RCA outputs. There’s also an AUX input for playing songs back from a device with a headphone jack, and it also features its own 3.5mm jack for listening on headphones.


The GPO Attache is pretty similar to the Cruiser in that it includes everything into one briefcase-like box, but its design is pretty different.

It can also play audio at three speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm.


Pro-Ject is well-known for their work with turntables and their entry-level turntable is just as well-known.

Called the Pro-Ject Elemental it is a pretty simple yet interesting turntable that features an extremely unique and sleek single-piece frame that definitely means that it stands out from the rest.

You do need your own amplifier and speakers, however, if you want a true experience then you should do that anyway.


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