A few months ago Bethesda did show off Doom to a select few, but not to the public, leaving those without tickets behind, that is over today however as Bethesda has today revealed more details about Doom to the public today.

Revealed at the first ever Bethesda conference from this year’s E3 2015, the new Doom has been built on the id 6 engine from id SOFTWARE.

As a player your main task is to take on the demons that have been unleashed, to do so you have been equipped with a range of different weapons from shotguns to your fists.

Just from a quick look at the trailer that was shown off by Bethesda we can already see that the new Doom is a beauty, with fantastic looking graphics, tons of gore and bone crunching sounds.

And to make things even cooler, Doom will even have multiplayer, and will even allow users to build and share their own modes.

Doom will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2016.

You can check out the trailer below for a quick look.

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