Bethesda has today confirmed that they will be returning to the E3 event, announcing that they will be hosting an E3 showcase at the E3 2016 show on Sunday, June 12th at 7PM.

Aside from a number of cartoon images of characters from Bethesda’s various games, the invite for the event doesn’t reveal too much.

It’s likely that we might see more about Fallout 4 during the show, with the possibility of some DLC announcements, alongside new information on DOOM, Dishonoured 2, and hopefully a new Elder Scrolls, one can only hope.

We already know that EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo will be hosting their own press events at the event, taking place from Sunday to Tuesday.

Here’s the current schedule:

Sunday, June 12

  • EA (?)
  • Bethesda (7:00pm PST)

Monday, June 13

  • Microsoft (morning)
  • Ubisoft (afternoon)
  • Sony (evening)

Tuesday, June 14

  • Nintendo (morning)
  • E3 show floor officially opens


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