The German headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic revealed what they will be showing off at CES 2017, with a range of new audiophile equipment on offer along with a new gaming headset to top it off.

The star of the unveilings will be the Xelento remote, which is a pair of in-ear earbuds that use Beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology which they say allows for higher precision, higher definition, and higher efficiency. They are a pretty high-end set of in-ears though, at €999 they are priced quite highly.

But that’s not all that they will have to show off during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Beyerdynamic will also be unveiling the MMX 300 gaming headset at CES, which is the follow-up from the MMX 300, which comes with a new all-black colour scheme, a detachable headset cable with 18dB of ambient noise attenuation.

But even with those additions, it will be priced at the same as its predecessor, at €299. The gaming headset will be available at the same time as the Xelento in February.

Alongside the gaming headset, the German specialist will also be unveiling another gaming headset that can be customised.

Called Custom Game, they will be revealed under Beyerdynamic’s Custom series of headphones, featuring a slider for adjusting the bass response, with a total of four settings to set how open the headphone is.

It also has a closed option to provide more bass and external noise attenuation. Users will also be able to pick their own colours for the headband and ear pads.

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game will go on sale in February for €199.

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