The problem with touchscreen stylus’ is that they are trying to be so much like a pen, but en up being just a bit too far from one, removing the point of one, which is to bridge the gap between the pen and paper and the tablet.

Bic however aim to change this, releasing a new version of the Cristal biro pen, that can now be used with both the usual disposable ball-point pen on one end and a capacitive tip on the other.

First introduced in 1945, 115 billion of the Bic Cristal pen have already been sold, and Bic aims to launch this number skyward with these new features, allowing the user to take notes on the paper and on the tablet.

Retailing singularly for £2.49 and in a box of ten for £17.04, the new Bic Cristal biro will be available from Amazon, Asda and Salisbury’s from August.

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