Microsoft kicked off this year’s Gamescom event with some big announcements, not only did they reveal some of the games that will be enhanced for the Xbox One X, as well as a Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X but they also revealed some more information about the games that will be coming to the console with the release of a number of new trailers.

We heard about a lot of them during this year’s E3, however, a few of them are brand new announcements.

Check them out in the trailers below.

Jurassic World Evolution

One of the newest games to be announced at this event was Jurassic World Evolution, which looks pretty amazing.

It is a simulation game that has been developed by Formation, the same guys who are behind Planet Coaster.

Check it out in the trailer below.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Recore Definitive Edition

World of Tanks

Middle earth: Shadow of War

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