Bikes get stolen all over the world daily, it’s a huge problem that we need to solve, and although there are many ways that you can secure your bike, there aren’t many that will actually scare the thief off.

Bike Mate is something a little different that aims to do that.

Basically, the device explodes, detonating a 150dB blast of sound if it detects that your bike is being stolen.

When thieves come for your stuff in the dead of night they have a massive advantage. You are asleep. They have time to carry out their mischief in peace. The answer is BIKE MINE – the world’s loudest alarm. A quick, safe and reliable way to protect your stuff from thieves.

When tripped by a thief, BIKE MINE detonates a 150db blast of sound; more than enough to startle a thief and raise the alarm. It’s a simple, low-tech idea that protects your bicycle, motorbike, boat or jet ski – or anything else that’s stored on your property. BIKE MINE comprises a length of titanium wire, a spring-loaded trap and a small detonator. Velcro straps allow it to be attached quickly to protect almost anything you store outside or in a garage or shed. It’s robust steel construction is covered in a rubber skin to protect your property.

Check out the video below for a quick look, also make sure to head over to the source link to back the project if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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