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Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Trailer Published via LongTail.tv

It’s not very often that game developers release free DLC for their games, but it seems Bioware has decided to differently revealed that the new Mass Effect 3 Resurgence multiplayer DLC will be completely free. Within the DLC you will receive 6 new classes, 2 new maps and 3 new weapons.

Within the 6 new classes there is also two brand new characters to play from, which are the Batarians and Geth which will be set out into new classes you can choose from in the multiplayer side of the game, all of the classes included are:

  • Batarian Soldier
  • Geth Infiltrator
  • Geth Engineer
  • Batarian Sentinel
  • Asari Justicar Adept
  • Krogan Vanguard

Alongside the classes there is also a couple of new maps which are called ‘Hydra’ and Condor’, and some new guns including a Striker Assault Rifle, the Geth Plasma SMG, and the Kishock Harpoon Gun. Defiantly worth paying nothing for if you ask me, check out the trailer above to find out more.

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