A company called Bizzby has today announced the launch of a new trial for a drone delivery service in the UK called Bizzby Sky.

The service will allow users to order a drone to pick up an item from anywhere in the UK, and then select a place for it to deliver it too via a smartphone and the Bizzby Sky application.

BIZZBY founder and CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio explained the trial with the following statement:

“We are currently focused on delivering on-demand lifestyle services from cleaning, handymen, beauty, deliveries to everyday help and believe in using technology to make our lives easier. As the pioneer of on-demand services we believe drone delivery is the future and we’re at the forefront of its development.”

At the moment the company is looking to get the K government to introduce legislation that will allow drones to deliver items in the UK, so until then the service will just be a trail one, however if they do get the legislation it could certainly prove interesting.

You can find out more about the new service by watching the video below, or by clicking the source link just below that.

Source: Bizzby Sky

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