Today it was announced that the London black cab service is getting a small upgrade with the introduction of contactless payments.

From next week (October 31st), London’s black cab taxis will be required to have a contactless payments, either in a fixed or handheld format.

However, from January 2017, these cabs must have a card reader installed on the passenger side of the glass panel in the center of the cab.

TfL’s Taxi and Private Hire General Manager, Helen Chapman, said the following about it:

“Many taxi drivers have been accepting card payments for years but customers were never sure when hailing a taxi whether they could pay by card. We’ve listened to customers, and we believe this will make journeys in black taxis even more convenient”.

“We’re hoping too that this will benefit London’s historic cab trade, and enable them to stay an attractive choice in an increasingly cashless world.”

The new was announced by Transport for London (TfL), who said that the move will mean that you will no longer have to ask a cabbie to pull over to a cash machine, however, because of it, the minimum fare for a black cab will rise from £2.40 to £2.60, which has been done to cover the cost of card payments.

That said,TfL said that you’ll no longer have to pay a surcharge when you pay bu card.

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