Black Friday was originally an American tradition where a number of retailers in the US would offer cut-price deals on products the day after Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas Day, but over the last few years the tradition has managed to make it’s way over the pond and to the shores of the UK, where it seems we are not yet ready for its madness.

Now normally you would be quite correct in thinking that the wide variety of British people generally have good manners and wouldn’t do much to make themselves look bad, however it seems that those principles all go away at the sight of even the smallest deals, as was shown during a Black Friday shopping event in an Asda store situated within London.

Black Friday UK Mayhem (Image Source: Sky News)

Scenes like the one captured in the Vine above started cropping up around what looks to be a deal for a Polaroid TV, where a scramble commenced over who should get the £140 deal for the 40-inch Polaroid TV. Quickly scenes escalated with one man going as far as to initiate a fight with a shopper over the TV, whilst another woman was captured being pulled along the floor whilst attached to a Polaroid TV box.

Elsewhere in the store you can spot a section of staff protecting products from the hordes of budget-seeking shoppers, and a number of cheerleaders parading around the store in a way that try to hard to match it’s American counterpart.

If these scenes disturb we would like to remind you that there are some great deals across the internet, all of which can be grabbed without having to be dragged across the floor.

Via: The Verge

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