Finally the multiplayer for Black Ops 2 has been revealed, the new trailer takes us through some of the new maps, gadgets, future tech and streak awards.

The first thing that I noticed within the trailer was the ability to play in more than two teams with all new weapons and items to deploy, which included a stun grenade, a scope which will allow you to see through smoke and a deployable riot shield, which is not used as a second weapon (I think).

Alongside those was a weird radar dish thing that emits some kind of stun field, and of course throwing axes.

There also seems to be a new loadout screen and some new earnable badges, which players get for completing certain challenges, such as killing a flying drone or using one to kill others.

But the biggest part that interested me was at the end where you can hear a broadcaster commenting over gameplay, which seems to be some sort of shoutcasting functionality, maybe Black Ops 2 will allow you to stream/ record your gameplay straight from your Console, a hint at the next-gen one maybe?

If you haven’t yet, check out the multiplayer trailer above. If it’s not enough don’t worry we should have more before the games November 13th release date.

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