Black Ops to is already one of the most rumoured games this year, with tonnes of new leaks and hints hitting the internet each day, a recent one caught my eye today of new promotional cover art, which carries what appears to be the official Black Ops 2 logo alongside other details.

The image which you check out above was found by MW3Updates and seems to show new cover art for the anticipated game. Alongside the soldier and logo within the cover, there is also the date 13.11.12 which is apparently the release date for the game.

But we are not to sure about this images authenticity as firstly it’s kinda blurry, alongside that it also carry’s the older Xbox 360 label across the top, but we have known worse images to end up true so we will just have to wait and see if we just so happened to stumble across a real image here.

As well as the cover art leaked, Activision also released their next blurred out image which shows the word “Tacitus”, which is believed to be within some part of the Black Ops 2 gameplay, if you didn’t already know Tacitus was a famous Roman Historian who wrote a lot of aspects of the war and rule of the Roman empire, could this be a link to the gameplay we will see within Call of Duty?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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