All Blackberry smartphones, since RIM first made the phone have had the same sort of design, apart from a few minor tweaks in the odd phone, from which most Blackberry phones normally include a rounded edge design, a small screen and an ok sized QWERTY keyboard.

Although the Bold 9900 adopts a different design including its own touchscreen alongside the conventional QWERTY keyboard and trackpad, but I am not entirely sure if a touchscreen is right on a screen so small, but can be a godsend when navigating your way through Blackberry’s interface, no chance of an angry birds game on it though.

BlackBerry OS 7

Another aspect that has always been traditional to the Blackberry is the OS, from which the 9900 has again ripped up the rule book, and includes the updated Blackberry OS 7 software, this new OS will offer the user a whole new Blackberry experience with Liquid Graphics helping to render graphics faster whilst providing a smoother and seamless experience when using panning and zooming interfaces.

The new OS also offers some over new additions including BlackBerry Balance, which helps you separate your work and personal content into two areas, the new OS also features voice searches and some tweaked online features to improve web browsing.

So of the online features that are in OS 7, include support for Java as well as HTML5 video content and even includes some pretty decent connections in order to browse the web, with 3G and Wi-Fi you can stay connected wherever you are.


Alongside all of these over awesome features the 9900 also packs a 5 megapixel camera, which has LED flash alongside geo-tagging and face detection, but the camera shows off even better when recording as it can record all you videos in 720p and because the phone will support them you can even watch them in 720p straight after filming your video.

As well as the camera the phone also comes bundled with a great media player, which allows you to play a wide variety of music and video formats, alongside this the phone also comes with 8GB’s of internal space alongside an additional 32GB micro SD card compatibility, which is certainly enough to store your favourite tunes and movies on.

Professional Features

probably the main function of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is it a huge range of professional features, which allows the phone to be targeted at workers, the phone will come with support for the Blackberry enterprise server, as well as Blackberry Balance.

Blackberry balance is a feature on the phone that will let you keep everything about your personal life apart from your work life, the bold also comes with Docs to Go allowing you to create the word, excel and Powerpoint documents on the move.



There is an out about this phone that I really like, such as the integration with Blackberry OS 7, which sounds like a great OS, probably the best feature of the 9900 is definitely the faster 1.2GHz processor and the new Liqud Graphics system which means the phone can run a lot quicker and smoother than previous Blackberry models.

The only feature I really do not like and think lets the phone down a bit is the phone’s touchscreen, this is because the touchscreen isn’t anything like touchscreens we know, meaning the touchscreen is so small it can be extremely hard to use, and cannot be used for much more functionality than selecting various menus.

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