Recently we have heard some news that should defiantly take pride of place on your calendar for the next couple of weeks, as three of the biggest smartphone companies in the world, Blackberry, HTC and Samsung are all planning events within the next two weeks, the first event to be released was Blackberry’s suggesting a new phone from RIM:

This event is only a week away on the 23rd of August, which could be making those rumored Curve handsets official,which is very likely as they didn’t surprise us much during their last phone release after this HTC decided to jump in and create their own event on Facebook:

HTC’s event invites you to “come party” with them “and see what’s next” in the HTC line-up, this could be any number of things such as another 3D device or just a new device, but there i only two ways to find out check out TechNutty on the day or go join the event, but HTC and Blackberry were not the only ones.

Samsung got some attention too releasing two new videos around their newest marketing campaign, and although their only videos, it is extremely likely that Samsung will release a new tablets and phones pretty soon especially with the huge roadmap that was leaked a few days ago.


From what I can tell this video tells us that Samsung is about to release the sun like the shiny phone on the 1st of September, defiantly one to check up on at a later date, as always we will keep yu updated with all the latest news about these phones.

What do you think? What do you think they will release?

Drop us a line in the comments below.

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