The BlackBerry Q10 went on sale exclusively at Selfridges in the UK last weekend, and it sold a ton better than anyone expected, with Selfridges announcing the handset as the fastest ever selling consumer electronics product, selling out of their initial stock after just two hours after its launch, and to top it off, Selfridges had to order in even more stock throughout the weekend to keep up with the phones demand, the phrase ‘selling like hot cakes’ comes to mind.

In response to this success, the Managing Director of BlackBerry, UK and Ireland said in his statement:

“The BlackBerry Q10 represents the next chapter in the BlackBerry 10 story and we are delighted that it has been so well received. This initial success at Selfridges highlights the strong consumer demand for a high-end physical keyboard smartphone.”

You can pick one up now from Selfridges, with other retailers offering the handset in the UK later this week.

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