BBM has always been one of the main features that draws people to the brand because of the free text opportunities available by using BBM and now you can get your calls free to, that is if you have a WiFi connection and BBM 7.0 that is.

The new feature which they have quite cleverly named BBM Voice will work in the background allowing you to perform other tasks whilst in a call much like a normal call. The app will also be compatible with Bluetooth headsets/ wired headphones with mics etc.

All of which will like up with the users BlackBerry ID, which will allow the service to back data up to your BBM profile and pull groups and contacts you have previously set up, this will also allow you to easily set up another phone with the same data you had on the previous one.

You can download the app update for free from today but it is only in beta, you will need a BlackBerry 6 device or higher to download the beta, with BlackBerry 5 support coming soon, just hit up the link below to grab your download.

Via: BlackBerry

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