We already know what the new BlackBerry Z10 from RIM will look like and what it will do, but up to know we have received no indication of when it might be launched or for how much, however according to a photo it may be available for just short of £480.

Well that’s according to a photo sent to EnGadget anyway (pictured above), claiming to be a shot taken from Carphone Warehouse’s internal listings which show the BlackBerry Z10 in white, SIM-free for £479.95.

Which seems a tad bit pricey if you ask me, a lot of people are used to cheap BlackBerry handsets now and I’m not sure how well this price tag will fair when launched.

However with no official information as of yet, we can’t really speculate. However we should know more when RIM officially reveals the Handset on January 30th.

Via: Engadget

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