When I first saw the announcement for the Kinect, the first thing I thought was that it would be great in conjunction with an FPS based game, Blackwater is a new game that makes the effort to get you out of your seat whilst taking out some terrorists.

The only thing is the game may seem like a good idea but it defiantly isn’t, Blackwater feels like one of those arcade shooters you get at a well, arcade except I’m not sure the controls are any better with the Kinect.

Throughout the game you simply take out a team of enemies hiding behind cover as you do, once finished you then move onto another set of enemies and do exactly the same, continuing on until you complete the game.

So as you can probably tell I was not too interested during my playthrough of the game.

This mixed with a far from great story, no character within the characters and the poorest graphics I have seen in a long time make Blackwater a game to steer clear away from.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of playing as a mercenary team is a great one however I felt as though 505 Games (the publisher) didn’t really portray the story of the Blackwater mercenary team with any detail.

As mentioned before the characters within this title are terrible, they come out with poorly written lines and speak with no emotion or acting at all, it’s almost like the characters within the game were played by random people near the office (which might actually be true).

Each character comes with their own weapon specialties, which was actually one of the best part within the game as it meant missions where differentiated, which made the same old gameplay somewhat different.

The aiming system was also something that shouldn’t be shouted about, which means you do tend to die a hell of a lot due to the fact you end up back at the start of the mission each and every time you die no matter how far through you are.

And without the Kinect is not any better either, which I found to be completely unresponsive and useless.

My best advice to give, don’t bother with this game and spend your money at the actual arcade you will get the same kind of experience but within a mechanic that actually works, Blackwater is a terrible game and one you should avoid like the plague (sorry for the cliche, really is the only way to explain this title).

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