During an event in San Francisco today Blizzard announced their new expansion pack for Hearthstone, called The Grab Tournament it will be similar to Goblins vs. Gnomes in that it will add a selection of new cards to the game.

Instead it won’t be focused on Gnomes or Goblins, but instead on the Argent Crusade tournament in which heroes are brought together to compete against one another.

When the Lich King and his undead Scourge threatened the world, the Argent Crusade called upon Azeroth’s mightiest heroes to prove their mettle in a magnificent tournament. Knights of all races flocked to Northrend, vying for glory in epic battles against fearsome monsters. Though the Lich King’s evil has been vanquished, the Grand Tournament continues… the competitive atmosphere’s just a bit more playful than it used to be.

In the pack there will be 130 new cards, amongst which there is a new ability called Inspire, granting minions with the inspire keyword “a special ability that may only be activated by using your Hero Power.”

An example of this would be to add a random spell to your hand every time you trigger your Hero Power, or another would be to gain +1 attack.

You can view all of the new cards here.

Screenshot 2015-07-22 23.15.26

On top of this the expansion will also include a brand new board to play upon:


The new expansion pack will release for Hearthstone in August, available to buy with in-game gold or real life cash. You will also be able to pre-purchase a bundle of 50 new card packs starting next week for $49.99 in the US.

No price has been announced for other regions yet however.

Source: Blizzard

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