We have been waiting quite a long period time for the launch of the real-money auction house, that is if you can get in the game after all the server issues. Finally however the auction house is finally open and ready for players to buy and sell in-game items for real money.

There are a few problems I can already see with the RMAH, the first is the various account hacking issues with so many company’s getting hacked lately whats stopping people from hacking your account and buying a load of crap with your money, Blizzard have made an authenticator to try to tackle these problems, but as we already know with World of Warcraft those things don’t work.

The other part of the RMAH I don’t like is the fact its bringing real money into a game which should not have it, and will stop those who are poorer from leveling up as quick as those who are richer and able to buy every piece of armor in the store, I think a game like this should instead be based entirely on skill, but that never happens when there’s a few pounds to earn.

Anyway, sorry for the rant their getting to the information you want, the house is ready for launch today, but I am going to expect it to fail or change within the next couple of weeks especially since the default price for 400k gold is only a dollar, meaning if you have a few dollars in your bank you can be a Diablo millionaire.

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