Blizzard Entertainment, ‘the masters of perfect timing’ (sarcasm intended) have released an autumn sale in which to try and rival that of Steam. As I logged into World of Warcraft this morning I was greeted with a huge advertisement for this sale, obviously I had a quick look to see what Blizzard were offering, after having a quick glance I immediately went back to the Steam sales to see what they were offering. However this was short lived as the prospect of getting Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for £16.99 was too great.

I have been wanting Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty since it’s release but at  €39.99 I thought I would give it a miss until it had gone done in price, and this is exactly what happened. Blizzard are now for a short time offering Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for only  €19.99 which in UK pounds is £16.99, this is a very nice price reduction for those like me who have been eagerly awaiting the price to drop.

As well as this, Blizzard also have another one of their popular titles up for sale. This comes in the form of eagerly awaited hack and slash Diablo III, the game which was delayed for over 5 years and had fans pining for his eventual release. I was one of these people and had the game on preorder as soon as it was announced at Blizzcon 2011. Now this amazing game is on offer and a nice discount, Blizzard were asking for  €59.99 when it was first released, which for some is a rather large amount, however now you can get the game for £32.99 which works out at a rather nice discount.

The sale ends on Tuesday  November 27th so get these deals quickly before there gone as they are too good to miss for any Blizzard enthusiasts. Enjoy!


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