We have been looking forward to the release of the modular smartwatch Blocks for sometime now, which is one of the most innovative ideas within the wearables category.

What makes Blocks so innovative is its design, made to allow users to basically make there own smartwatch allowing users to choose various different modules to attach to it depending on what it is they want.

Some of these modules include an extra battery block, a SIM card slot, a microphone block, and GPS location black and an NFC Contactless block, all of which are currently in development.

Blocks will be opened to up to 1,000 membership spots later this week, allowing a few lucky few to secure an early bird version of the smartwatch with an exclusively design cover and a cheaper price tag.

Here’s Blocks description of the pricing:

“To become a founding member of the blocks community we are asking for a $50 deposit. The deposit will count towards your future blocks purchase, deducting $50 from the total price. For example, if you purchase a colour touch screen block with 5 additional sensor blocks for $250, your total bill will only be $200.

– Memberships will secure you an early bird, discounted price, in our crowdfunding campaign. The discount will be in the range of 20%-40% off the full blocks price.
– Blocks will be produced and shipped in batches, and as a member you’ll be guaranteed a slot in our first batch, ensuring you will recieve it first.
– Each block is designed with removable covers, enabling you to choose your colours and materials. You will be able to choose exclusively designed covers that are available only to members.”

You can find out more about the Blocks modular smartwatch at the source link below, and of course watch the new teaser video just above that link.

Source: Blocks

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