BlackBerry’s new Z10 handset is defiantly one of the better devices we have seen this year, with an awesome set of features and that new BB10 operating systems, it defiantly sticks out from the crowd.

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However it’s lacking that customisation, a lot of potential customers may want, with only white and black versions available, it may leave some opting for a Nokia Lumia.

However it seems BlackBerry may have noticed that after a new set of leaked photos for a blue version of the device were supposedly leaked by the Twitter user, LIL E MrBlackBerry10, or @BTBREPRESENTA.

Which to me seems a little weird, as even though BlackBerry are into their celebrity endorsements  why have they not just revealed the phone themselves?

Which could mean one of two things, it’s either a fake, or simply a one of made just for the Twitterer, however here’s to hoping it’s not and BlackBerry have decided to be a little secretive on this one.

Via: Phone Arena Source: Twitter (BTBREPRESENTA)

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