Blue is a company that many might recognise for their studio microphones, USB microphones and even microphones for various mobile devices, but what you may not know them for is their new headphones product, the Blue Mo-Fi.

And that is a tragedy as the Blue Mo-Fis are honestly one of the best looking over-ear headphones that we have had the pleasure to look at for sometime.

Crafted with a multi-jointed headband, the headphones feature a design that looks retro yet still feels extremely modern and still remaining practical with the ability to adjust the pressure of headband through an easy to use dial.

The headband itself is made from a solid metal and plastic combination that joins to the center stage of the headphones, the ear cup. This is where you find one of the star attractions, the classic Blue logo which has been designed in a way that makes it recognisable with Blue’s other audio products.

However it’s likely that the main reason you came here was to read about what the Mo-Fi’s sound like, and for you guys Blue has something cool ready to go.

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Blue Mo-Fi Review (5 of 5)-2That something cool is the headphone’s integrated amplifier, which not only makes your beats sound better but also louder.

Some smart people would know that a lot of music capable smartphones already have a built-in amp and thus they may think that an amp within a pair of headphones would be of no use, however that is definitely not the case with the Mo-Fi which up the typical smartphones output from between 20-30mW all the way up to a massive 240mW when the Mo-Fi’s built-in amplifier is fully enabled, providing reduced distortion and both louder and clearer tones.

To turn the amp within the headphones on you simply need to twist the power button around the headphone socket on the headphones to the enhanced on position, once this has been switched to that position a yellow LED status light will remain constant on the side of the headphones, this also shows whilst the headphones are charging.

Once the on+ mode is enabled the amp will be fully powered, this will engage the better quality sound of of course the volume, in fact Blue even mention this in their user manual stating that with the “internal amplifier, Mo-Fi gets loud. Like, really loud. In fact, Mo-Fi delivers more than 6 times the power you’d normally get from your device”, so be warned.

Alongside that option there’s also another couple of options, the first is set to amp to off, which will allow the headphones to perform without the assistance of the amp. The second selector is the passive mode, in which the amp will be turned on but in a mode which is best suited to listening to tracks on a vinyl or CD via equipment that already has a power amp, this means that you will not spoil the quality.


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To have the headphone’s amp powered you will of course need to have a charged battery, which can be done via the included 1 metre USB charging cable, but is not necessary as without any charge the headphones will still continue to work as if they where in the off mode, an experience which is still pleasing with excellent sound quality, with full representation through the frequencies.

Once the amp is on however things do get a little more exciting, with well defined but not too overwhelming bass, lively mid-tones and clear highs, this can then be increased with the ON+ mode which will engage the low-frequency enhancement circuit for even more punchier bass tones to songs that don’t have too much to start off with, whilst leaving heavier bass tracks similar to their true representation.

Blue Mo-Fi Review (3 of 5)During my testing I found this worked extremely well for all of my playlists, and during my time with Mo-Fi I didn’t notice any tracks that were badly represented and during the entirety of our review process I found that playback sounded great, even going as far as to provide some music file formats with even better sound than what I have experienced with other headphones, something which is only increased by the Mo-Fi’s multitude of amp modes of which get a range of options that mean you can personalise your playback experience for the track that you are listening too.

As you may know the problem with most on-ear headphones is that they are not at all comfortable, this is not too much the case with the Blue Mo-Fi, with the added benefit of a multi-jointed headband that can be adjusted for pressure against the size of the users head and the comfortable form-fitting ear pads, the Mo-Fi headphones are nice to wear for a decent amount of time, the only problem is that in some positions the metal headband on the earphones can dig in a little, but as it is only in some positions you may not notice it all that much, it would however had been nice if there was some form of extra padding on the side of the metal.

The Mo-Fi’s closed design does however mean that they create good noise isolation if they pressure has been set up properly, this is then combined with the ear-shaped cushions which help to create an even better seal, helping to keep some of your sounds away from the outside world, in fact in our testing we found that the Mo-Fi’s were very effective at keeping sounds from bleeding out.

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To connect the Mo-Fi to your audio device all you need to do is connect the 2.5mm, 4-conductor jack to the socket in the headphones and then to the device itself. There are two versions of cables to plug into your devices selectable depending on what you want to do with the headphones, the first is a 3 metre cable that is made primarily for use with Hi-Fis or other home/ studio audio equipment and the second is a 1.2 metre cable that is made for use with smartphones and includes a 3 button in-line control with microphone.

When you do find yourself in the position of having an uncharged battery, simply plug the charging cable in a USB plug or even your computer to get the Mo-Fi’s fully charged in about 4 hours max, whilst doing so the indicator light will pulse from on to off and then battery is full the indicator light will turn off.

All in all we throughly enjoyed our time with the Blue Mo-Fi over-ear headphones. with the improvement of sound quality in a range of file formats and genres, louder and bot louder and puncher sounds, the Mo-Fis are definitely one of the best options if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will not only enhance one or two of your playlists, but all of them.

And whilst the Mo-Fi’s design may not appeal to all, we would definitely recommend giving them a try to see what you think.

You can find out more about the Mo-Fis a where to buy them on Blue’s dedicated website here, they are also currently available from Amazon for around £280.

Disclosure: Blue sent us a loan sample of the Mo-Fi for the purpose of this review.

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