The Spark Digital from Blue Microphones was first revealed at this years CES and can be used as Studio Microphone for your iPad or computer via USB.

You can use the USB or 30-pin dock connector to connect the mic with your tablet, laptop or desktop, however where Apple is confirmed the Spark will only be compatible with the iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and not the newer models as they need a Lightning connector, a converter from Apple might sort that out however, (don’t take my word on that.)

In the box alongside the mic itself, you will also get a custom angle-adjustable desk stand with a built-in shockmount that can be used to create even better recordings, and can be used to quickly position the mic more or less anywhere you want.

You can use any recording application that may be installed on your device to record, and the Spark Digital will include a cloud production bundle for free access to 25GBs of storage of your recordings, along with a six month pro account from SoundCloud, which in itself is worth a huge chunk of the Sparks overall price.

Which if you’re wondering is available now for around £200/ $200 (don’t ask I don’t get the lack of conversion rate either.)

Source: Blue Microphones

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