After six years of developing the rocket, Blue Origin today announced that they have now fully assembled their new rocket engine called the BE-4, which was announced by the company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos today.

Blue Origin will be using 7 of the rockets to form the primary powerplant for their upcoming New Glenn 2 and 3 stage rocket.

New Glenn will take over from its predecessor, New Shepard and will be a reusable space vehicle that features a first stage that can return to land upright after each flight, or as so Blue Origin is hoping.

The new BE-4 engines will be included on the first and second stage boosters, while the third stage will use the older BE-3 engine.

With all of this, New Glenn will have enough power to put heavy cargo payloads and astronauts into an orbit around the Earth.

Sadly, we won’t see much that launch anytime soon, with many years left until Blue Origin will even be close to launching a rocket as the company is still constructing the rocket in a factory in Cape Canaveral.

While they wait, Blue Origin will be testing the new BE-4 engines at Blue Origin’s West Texas site.

You can check them out before then via Jeff Bezo’s tweets below.

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