Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launched and landed their New Shepard rocket for the fourth time today, and for the first time ever, they live streamed the event in full.

Currently, the New Shepard is Blue Origin’s only vehicle and is capable of transporting up to six paying customers up to 62 miles above the Earth’s surface. Passengers will ride along the inside of the capsule that sizes on top of the rocket, and once in space the rocket and the capsule will separate, providing about four minutes of weightlessness.

As they separate, the capsule and the rocket will take their path back to Earth, the rocket will lower itself in a similar way to SpaceX’s Falcon 9, reigniting the engine to lower itself to the ground gently. The capsule will land in a similar way to the usual way that crew capsules do, using a series of parachutes, however, today Blue Origin intentionally crash landed the crew capsule to see if it could keep people safe during a failure.

In order to test this, New Shepard intentionally failed to deploy one of its parachutes, but it still managed to make it to the ground safely.

You can watch the full replay of the webcast via the video below.

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