It was just yesterday that Blue Origin showed off the new BE-4 engine that they will be using for its New Glenn rocket, today they already have some more to show about that rocket, releasing a teaser video named ‘Introducing New Glenn’, which shows an animation of how Blue Origin expects it to both fly and land.

The spacecraft will be capable of launching a 50-ton payload into low-Earth orbit or 14 tons into geosynchronous orbit, after which, it can then land the first stage on something like a moving barge, which is what SpaceX’s Falcon 9 has been doing for some time now, although with slightly lower expectations of what they could do.

That said, Blue Origin hasn’t really proven a sea landing just yet, they have previously landed the first stage of their other rocket New Shepherd on land, multiple times, but that hasn’t yet gone into orbit either, so that’s another thing that Blue Origin will have to prove.

Blue Origin doesn’t plan to prove these geostationary abilities until between 2021-2022, and New Glenn probably won’t launch at all until 2020, so we have a long wait.

There will be two versions of the ship to view though, one of which uses two-stages with multiple BE-4 rockets, the other will have three-stages with the older BE-3 rockets in the third stage, which they plan to use to go further into space, possibly the Moon.

That’s all shown in the teaser video that Blue Origin released today, followed up with a landing animation that shows how they plan to bring the first-stage back to Earth.

Check it out below.

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