Amazon’s Blue Origin has today revealed that they have successfully landed their New Shepard rocket after launching it for the fifth time.

This comes after the launch earlier today, which Blue Origin completed in order to test out New Shepard’s escape system, which will be used to save future passengers who are on board the rocket, in case of the rocket suffering a major failure.

In today’s test, Blue Origin set off this escape system at about 45 seconds after takeoff today, at which time the rocket’s motor ignited underneath the crew capsule of the New Shepard in order to carry the capsule up and away from the rest of the rocket.


Shortly after, the capsule’s parachutes deployed and lowered the capsule gently to the ground.

It was originally thought that this would be too much for the rocket’s booster to handle, which meant that a lot of people expected that the rocket would not survive.

However, the rocket did survive, and in response, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos said that the company would throw a party for the rocket.


You can watch the whole event via the video below:

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